Stretching of bulgarian voices

I had for quite some time now the idea of practicing the possibilities of sampling by creating tracks using folk recordings as the only material. The idea for using this two tracks taken from the The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices vol. 3 album, came from thinking about how perception affects the intensity and dramatism of a sonic piece and how could I make the analogy of an interpretation of a recording from a listeners perspective making accents on the parts that I felt deeper.

What I did was that I mapped the main tempo in which the recordings are read to a knob and set the granulation of the sample to keep the tone, affecting only the speed in which it was read. Then I mapped the same knob but with the inverse value to the main volume of a second identical track which had a different granulation set, so when the main speed goes down, the volume of the second track comes up accentuating the fractal sonic quality, a very simple and effective process. Of course the range of the values must be set according to the desired acoustic quality, for this two tracks I used a tempo between 20 an 160 BPM and the volume (of the second track) within -40 and -10 decibels, the rest is just my performance of the pieces.

Images by jjjolll